Thursday, September 03, 2009

Press and Media Mentions

CBC - On The Island - British Columbia (September 29, 2010)
I was delighted to be invited onto CBC's On the Island program to discuss thanksgiving recipe ideas. Check out the archived podcast, the interview with me is six minutes in.

Green Muse (August 15, 2010)
Thanks to GreenMuse for credit on a series of pictures that accompany an article on 2010's Vancouver Island Feast of Fields. I've had a blast being one of Feast of Fields' official photographers for the past two years.

EAT Out Loud radio podcast (Episode one, February 2010)
Check out the inaugural episode of EAT Out Loud, radio pod casts for an interview with friend and fellow food blogger Eva Cherneff and myself.
"In this inaugural episode of Eat Out Loud, Adrien explores the idea of New Beginnings. He chats with two up and coming food bloggers, a chef from a popular new restaurant and a food reporter fresh on the scene – AND the winner of the Name That Podcast contest is revealed!"

Tapas newsletter (Issue no. 40, January 14, 2010)
Eat Magazine's free online newsletter available by subscription only.
Excerpt: "A hot topic in newspapers, magazines and blogs these days seems to be predicting the new food trends of 2010. I've enjoyed reading the round-up provided by epicurious, Let Her Bake Cake's baking trends, and Liane Faulder's take on what we'll be seeing more of this year. I haven't seen any mini whoopie pies around yet, but it sounds like they're on their way. I've also enjoyed looking back on the best of 2009, especially with the list drawn up by Victoria's own Melody Wey and Eva Cherneff. I thought I would join in with my own top three recent food finds..."

Monday Magazine's City Guide 09
A big thank you to the staff at Monday Magazine for including me in their City Guide 09.
"As charming to read as its name, Melody Wey's Audrey Needs More Wooden Spoons at is always fun and informative."

Momentum: The Magazine For Self Propelled People (Sept/Oct 2009)
Article intro: "A new gourmet burger joint pedaled its way into Victoria last November. The Pink Bicycle focuses on homemade food and local ingredients. When Morgan Hradecky – a former bicycle courier – and his friends decided to fulfill their long-time dream of owning a restaurant, Hradecky knew from the smiles he received pedaling around town that people responded positively to his pink bicycle. “We wanted a logo that wasn’t obviously about food,” said Hradecky, “and we loved the connotations of finding your own path, and sustainable living.”

This photograph of mine was published in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Momentum Magazine, an urban cycling magazine based in Vancouver. The photograph accompanies Burgers and Bikes - a restaurant review of The Pink Bicycle.

Co-owner Morgan Hradecky poses outside of The Pink Bicycle with the signature Pink Bike Cheese Burger.


The Monday Through Friday Gourmet said...

Congrats Mel! Your blog is awesome and you deserve all the mentions you get :) And nice pic too !!! Its making me very hungry here at my boring desk ;)

Melody Wey said...

Thanks Eva! See you at Feast of Fields:)

Chromajoy said...

Way to go, Melody. Congratulations, the accolades are well deserved.

Greg Aspa said...

thats a fine looking burger ... i want it .... great shot melody ... how did your feast of fields photos turn out? thanks for the mention on your website ...... greg