Monday, December 29, 2008

Five Days Before Christmas

On a spiteful Friday evening five days before Christmas, I slipped on an icy step and fell. It was a sad and painful fall, breaking my left leg and ankle. Surgery required. Yes, airport security will never be the same with the amount of metal plates, screws and rod now in my leg.

So, it turns out that Audrey doesn't need more wooden spoons this holiday season but rather to keep her leg elevated, on a couch of her choosing. No baking, turkey dinners, open houses or New Year's parties. Just two bottles of painkillers- big pills for little pain and little pills for big pain (or is it the other way around?).

Over the next two months, I will refresh and recycle past pages and recipes, highlight foodie delights (recipes, websites, tools, tips) from the past year and provide resources and musings for future inspiration. For when I'm back on my feet.

Happy New Year's and thank you for continuing to read.
Sincerely, Melody

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