Sunday, February 15, 2009


Pesto Tofu and Vegetable Toss July 3, 2008
The best way to use fresh basil is by making pesto. With this recipe, toss tofu and vegetables together with as much or little pesto as you like. Make a fresh batch or use a spoonful of pesto you already have on hand. Add bright vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots or red peppers.

Phad Thai May 28, 2008
This recipe from Chef Heidi Fink is for the best Phad Thai I've ever had. A popular Thai dish, this is an authentic recipe that uses fresh prawns, dried shrimp, baked tofu and tamarind paste. There's a few parts to the recipe, but broken down it's easy.

Shittake Mushroom Potstickers July 11, 2008
A vegetarian dumplings filled with tofu, shittake mushrooms and ginger.
Enjoy these potstickers steam-fried with rice, sauteed Chinese greens and dipping sauce for a full meal or make as a fun appetizer for a dinner party.

Tofu and Leeks with Coconut, Lemongrass Broth December 2, 2007
A simple yet elegant meal, sweet chili-fried tofu with leeks in coconut and lemongrass broth is 100 per cent delicious and vegetarian. Sambal Oelek is added to the marinade to kick up the heat in the tofu, but is off-set by the sweet and mild coconut and lemongrass.

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