Sunday, May 03, 2009

How to make ketchup

According to this little article, if you want to learn the more about a person, look no further than how they pour their ketchup.

When talking about ketchup, the first question has to be if you like ketchup at all. Some people prefer salt and pepper and a little malt vinegar. While others prefer mayonnaise or a little tarter sauce. And, there's others still that prefer a smothering of cheese curds and gravy.

But, if you like ketchup, chances are that you have a particular way you like to add ketchup onto your plate of fries. Psychologist Donna Dawson, who specializes in personality and behaviour, identified seven "sauciological" types including dippers, squirters, sprinklers and smotherers:

The secret lives of ketchup lovers

1. Those who dunk into a well of ketchup are methodical and trustworthy. But they may also be control freaks who are afraid of change.

2. Ambitious people splodge their sauce in the middle of their food.

3. Creative types squirt and swirl their sauce in thin lines. But deep down they are impatient and do not tolerate fools or time wasting.

4. Those who dot their ketchup are friendly, but live conservatively and dream of adventure holidays.

5. Smotherers are the life and soul of the party.

6. Artists who draw faces and words on their food have an easy-going approach to life.

7. Gourmets who keep ketchup in a cruet appear charming but, deep down, may be snobbish social charmers.

Simple but true. So, where on the list do you fall? I've always held my nose up to the old bottle of Heinz, declining the sauce with just a hint of disapproval. But honesty I am not fooling anyone, not even myself.

How do you make your own ketchup? Try Jamie Oliver's homemade tomato ketchup.

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Momsey said...

I'm #1 alright! HA!