Monday, October 05, 2009

Vancouver Island - Top Chef Survivor

"Is that the way squash really grows?"
"I wonder why they are sticking up out of the large mounds of soil like that?"

For one brief moment on Sunday, I completely forgot where I was. No, squash doesn't usually grow sticking straight up out of large moulds of soil like barbwire on an electric fence. This was just one of the many challenges on Madrona Farm's obstacle course as part of the 2nd annual Island Chef's Survival this past Sunday.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

About 250 to 300 people joined in the spirit to watch some of the Island's top chefs battle it raise the most money for Madrona Farm and the future protection of it under The Land Conservancy of BC. The obstacle course included jumping over moulds of dirt and long drain pipes, running through a corn field, paddling over a muddy pond to forge for a map, culinary tools and ingredients to make crowd-awing, five-star meals.

Joined by their assistants, Chef's changed from camouflage to whites to begin preparing their dishes. One of the day's highlights was watching Vista 18's Chef Mike Dunlop prepare a beautiful plate of steak and lobster with Swiss chard rolls stuffed with farm-fresh , peas and parsnips with assistance of his two sons.

Winner's of the Day...

I know it's a little cliche, but truly everyone who came out Sunday to support Madrona Farm left the day's festivities a winner. The weather was beautiful, the roasted chicken lunch was delicious, and the performances (and meals) that the chef''s cooked up were first class.

Obstacle course winner: Peter Zambri (from Zambris) was the first chef to cross the obstacle course finish line... which was no short order.

The highest bid plate: Patrick Miller (from Camille's) raised an impressive $255 per plate for his masterpiece.

A big kudos to everyone who helped put on this amazing fundraiser, I already know it will be on my foodies guide to the best of 2009.

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