Monday, November 02, 2009

Italian vacation!

I apologize for my lack of postings the past few weeks. I'm in Italy and am having the most amazing time! ever. It's hard to believe it took me so long to get here. Since access to the Internet is sparse and kind of hard to find, I haven't been blogging along the way but I'll more then make up for it when I get back mid November. I promise.

I did a cooking class in Florence and have been enjoying amazing meals everyday. Pastas and sauces, pesto and bruschette. And bottles of vino rosso.

Olive oil is one of the Italians many secrets. Spend as many as you can afford on a good bottle and use it liberally. I'm bringing two bottles home with me.

Another tip that I'll share with you now as a tie-over until I get back is sun-dried tomatoes. I bought a big bag of roma tomatoes from Rome. And one thing I use to do, that I won't be doing again is soaking the dried tomatoes in hot water for an hour or so. Nooo. Put them in a small bottle and cover in olive oil. Let the jar sit in the fridge for three weeks and then open and enjoy- in pasta sauce or on grilled bread. Then use the oil for salads or drizzling on everything.

Enjoy reading through previous postings and remember to check back mid November for and Italian fest. Ciao for now!

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Stephanie said...

Ahhh, Italia.