Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A wee bit of ye o' Irish

Since any foodie worth their salt will be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with food and drinks on March 17th, I'd like to join the jig by wishing you a happy St. Paddy's Day and giving some recipe ideas. I've always felt a distant connection to Ireland, and with a middle name like Siobhan it's no wonder.

Growing up in Powell River, my mom use to babysit a lovely little girl named Siobhan McCormick and always liked the name. Thinking that I'd have a lifetime of repeating and correcting the name, she had the foresight to make it a middle name. I have no ancestral connection to Ireland, just a name that I love... and a fondness for Guinness!

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated internationally and seems to be growing in popularity. Kids wear green and pinch those who don't and adults sip on Jameson Irish Whiskey. If you're like me and are looking to have a little Irish fun this year, here's some recipe ideas to get you started:

Put some greens in your bowl with a simple cream of broccoli soup or Simply Recipe's parsnip soup with leeks and parsley.

Or, try this pub classic crispy beer battered fish sandwich from Closet Cooking.

Some of my favorites that are big on greens are Simply Recipes' asparagus pesto with pasta or these ones for green bean salad with almonds or green bean and fennel salad with basil pesto.

Island Vittles' Irish Guinness and soda bread would make for a great afternoon treat.

And for dessert, the ultimate treat this St. Patrick's Day has to be Chocolate Guinness Cake. Oh my goodness!


Island Vittles said...

Thanks for the link! Theresa

Momsey said...

I turned my back for a min. and couldn't believe how you had managed to get flour from one end of our condo to the next. You were so proud of the cakes(flour)you had piled up on the floor. Gotta love Miss Melody Siobhan in the kitchen!