Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alert! New Italian cooking classes

A new kitchen shop, La Tavola kitchenware boutique, recently opened in Oak Bay, Victoria and offers Italian cooking classes. The shop has a cute little demonstration kitchen in the back of the store where Mario and Barbara teach the traditions and tricks of Italian cooking. They explore the regions of Tuscany and Cinqueterre in upcoming classes.

La Tavola means to have a meal or to come and eat or dinner's ready! When I was in Florence last fall I took a class at a cooking school called In Tavola and had such a fabulous time. We made this recipe for polpettone or Italian meat balls which was a scrumptious highlight of my visit. Sharing a name in common with this Florence school can only be a promise of what to come at Victoria's La Tavola. And I'm excited!

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Monday Through Friday: Food & Photography said...

Oh lala! I'd like to take one of these