Friday, March 25, 2011

Hooked from the first bite: Organic Fair Chocolate

Foodies are a special breed. They're passion people who have an endless enthusiasm for all things food. Here on Vancouver Island, we have a wonderful community of people who are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and have boundless energy for what interests them. And whether you grow it, make it or just plain appreciate it, there's room for everyone.

This week, I met the loveliest woman while attending film screening hosted by Slow Food Vancouver Island at the Canoe Club. Marisa Goodwin lives on an organic farm in Cobble Hill and makes, among many things, Organic Fair chocolate. She also makes ice cream with organic waffle cones, sodas with birch sap and various spices and sells them directly from the farm store.

Listening to Maria talk so passionately about her farm and the things she makes was inspiring. And, made me slightly ashamed that I hadn't yet tried her Organic Fair chocolate bars (which I quickly went out and did). I love sweets and have always preferred chocolate to chips. So, why hadn't I tried these dark chocolates until now?

Marisa makes 15 different kinds of dark chocolate bars. They are all a minimum of 70% cacao and are certified organic and fair trade. The two kinds that caught my eye and made my heart beat a little faster were the Canadiana with dark chocolate with maple syrup, sun dried apples and alder smoked salt, and Sakura with sun dried cherries and candied ginger. Both have a wonderful texture with a combination of soft bites with a slight crunch. Soft apples with salt, chewy cherries with candied ginger.
So to help spread a little inspiration this weekend, I encourage you to check out Slow Food and find a convivium nearest you, or, check out Organic Fair Chocolates on Facebook or online.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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