Sunday, March 04, 2007

Crackling Rice-paper Parcels with Hoisin Tofu

This Monday, I'm starting a month long assignment in the Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services Deputy Minister's communications department! A developmental communications opportunity. I've been studying public relations for the past year, so for the next month (if I've calculated it correctly) for the first time in my life, I'm going to be working in the same field in which I'm studying. dreams can come true!
Now, I'm not a great writer and I'm not a fast writer- the people closest to me know that writing is not what I'm strongest at. I can form a sentence, and my spelling has improved since junior high but that doesn't mean I should be writing the deputy minister's monthly newsletter! I'm hoping this will be an excellent experience- one that will markedly improve my adequate sentence forming skills. so beware.
From the cook book World Vegetarian Classics
(Celia Brooks Brown)- I made the recipe featured on the cover. An amazing looking appetizer or small dish~ neat squares of tofu marinated in hoisin sauce wrapped in rice paper, with a beauitful imprint of a cilantro leaf in the rice paper, similar to a preserved flatten flower petal pressed into delicate paper.

The most difficult part of preparing Crackling Rice-paper Parcels with Hoisin Tofu was the pan frying. And, now that I'm writing this it was probably the most difficult part because I was suspose to deep fry them. In pan frying them- some of them stuck to the bottom of the pan or to neighbouring parcels, tearing the rice paper a little as I tried to unstick them. So, actually I would make them again and deep fry them as instructed. Why is following a recipe so difficult sometimes?

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