Sunday, November 04, 2007


The Rathskeller Schnitzel House is one of those restaurants that people just don't start up any more. A classic german house with schnitzel and bratwurst, boots of beer and potatoes any way you want them!

We don't have Chucky Chesse anymore, so this is where we often end up on birthdays. Yes, it's always a hoot and ALWAYS a lot less refined then it should be, really. Happy 23rd Katie.
Starting off with a large glass boot of warsteiner and dark rye bread with dion mustard, we mulled over the menu to make our selections. The escargot was tasty (my opinion) with a nice peppery flavour. The cabbage rolls were not great. Plain with an unmemorable tomato sauce.
Jeremy and I shared breaded chicken with mashed potatoes and long green beans. It was what it was and I was hungry, but overall a satisfying meal. And, only some of us got cut off the beer.

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